febrero 18, 2011

Paradigm Shift in Heritage Protection? Tolerance for Change, Limits of Change

El Comité Científico Internacional de Teoría y Filosofía del Patrimonio de ICOMOS con el auspicio de la Fondazione Lo Bianco han convocado al Seminario Internacional "Paradigm Shift in Heritage Protection? Tolerance for Change, Limits of Change", ha realizarse en Florencia entre los días 4 y 6 de marzo de 2011.

En esta ocasión se realizará un homenaje póstumo al desaparecido especialista polaco Andrzej Tomaszewski, además de debatirse uno de los temas cruciales en la agenda del nuevo milenio respecto de la doctrina de la conservación del patrimonio como es la tolerancia y adaptación al cambio, en el que participarán especialistas que representan la diversidad local de un urgente debate mundial.

El programa del evento:

Friday, 4th March, 2011

h.17.00: Remembrance of Prof. Andrzej Tomaszewski
(speeches by 4-5 members of the ICOMOS ISC TheoPhilos Committee, while a CD is displaying some photos)

h. 18.00: welcome speeches, introductory lectures

h. 21.00: dinner

Saturday, 5th March, 2011
Working sessions

h. 9.30 – 12.30 - Session 1: “Limits of change – theoretical point of view”

1 - Wilfried Lipp (Austria): Dimensions of Limits - Biological and Cultural Aspects

2 - Rosa Anna Genovese (Italy): Empathic Civilisation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Limits for changes

3 - Boguslaw Szmygin (Poland): Analysis of changes in heritage protection

4 - Sue Millar (United Kingdom): Terms of Engagement: Cultural Heritage Protection and Sustainable Futures – Responding to the Bigger Brief in the 21st Century

5 - José de Nordenflycht (Chile): The "Heritage Turn": by a new practice of knowledge

6 - S. Avgerinou-Kolonias, E. Maistrou, V. Ganiatsas (Greece): Heritage as ethical paradigms of identity and change: in need of new conceptual tools, practices or attitude?

h. 14.00 – 16.30 - Session 2: “Limits of change – social context”

1 - Hans Christie Bjonness (Norway): Legitimate positive change: towards socially responsible urban conservation and development

2 - Andrew Sneddon (Australia): Tolerating the Intolerable? Australia’s Mining Boom and Managing the Impacts on Aboriginal Australia’s Tangible and Intangible Heritage

3 - Paolo Del Bianco (Italy): Encounters, Communication, Knowledge, Conservation, Economy: a platform for an osmosis between theory and practice Life Beyond Tourism® Nonprofit Portal

4 - Hande Terzioglu (Northern Cyprus): Great Hun – During the Ottoman Period in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Process of Construction Phases till the Present – The Social, Economic impact of the Local Community

5 - Irina Topchiy (Russia): Cultural education of successors as a way to protect cultural heritage

6 - Amra Hadzimuhamedovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina): The Reconstruction of Destroyed Built Heritage in View of our Understanding of its Permanence and Mutability

h. 17.00 – 19.00 (closing time): final open discussion

Sunday, 6th March, 2011
Working sessions

h. 9.30 – 12.30 - Session 3: “Limits of change – urban scale”

1 - Yukio Nishimura (Japan):Integrity of Historic Urban Landscape and Limits for Changes

2 - Joerg Haspel (Germany):“Berlin Modernism Housing Estates” – how to protect and adapt a world heritage site of social housing in times of climate and demographic change

3 - Sergiu Nistor (Romania):Moving the Monuments. When and how Article 7 should be quoted in issues of urban re-development vs urban conservation. The Romanian experience and drama

4 - Amnon Bar Or (Israel): Approaches for Conservation – Memory and Oblivion in Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Discussion (10 min for speaker):

5 - Josef Stulc (Czech Republic): Sic et non, Some Selected Cases of the Tolerance to Changes from Czechia

6 - Olimpia Niglio (Italy): Cultural petition in the preservation project


14.00 – 16.30 - Session 4: “Limits of change – different categories of heritage”

1 - Michael Petzet (Germany): Conservation/ Preservation - Limits of Change

2 - Natalia Dushkina (Russia): Historic Reconstruction: from Theory to Practice along a way of Temptation

3 - Calogero Bellanca (Italy): Conservation, restoration, adaptation: new use for historic architecture
4 - Marc Laenen (Belgium): The challenge of the development of the cultural landscape of South Limburg seeking a balance between conservation and innovation : the case of the Cistercian Abbey of Herckenrode

5 - Mehr-Azar Soheil (Iran): Conserving the Spirit of Sacred in the Christian Cemetery of Tehran in Mahalleh Dulab

6 - Indre Grazuleviciute (Lithuania): Urge and Limits for Change: Problems and Theoretical Framework for Revitalization of the Central and Eastern European Rural Manor Residencies Absorbed by Urban Sprawl

h. 17.00 – 18.00 (closing time): final discussion

h. 18.00 – 19.00 - Annual Meeting of ISC TheoPhilos (members only)
- call for papers for the Conference 2012
- tentative title of the Conference 2012
- others

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